Fashion Law Report

The Fashion Law Report is an offshoot of The Style of the Case™, a digital publication, published by KR Publishing. FLR is an authoritative source for fashion law and business of fashion. It covers topics of interest for in-house fashion counsel, fashion attorneys and law firms, fashion industry professionals, fashion media, fashion students, law schools, academia, historians and just anyone interested in fashion law field or fashion industry.

The FLR provides information such as special reports, articles and digests of important cases from around the global runway and commentary and analysis on:

  • Intellectual Property Issues
  • Counterfeit Issues
  • Fashion Brand News (ranging from power moves, reorganizations, mergers & acquisitions, tax issues etc)
  • The “Fashion Law” Bill
  • Employment
  • Discrimination/Racism In the Fashion Industry
  • Art News (optional)
  • Consumer Protection
  • Fashion Controversies
  • Fashion History Pieces

Our digital publication is listed as a resource on The Center for the Study of Fashion, Law, and Society® website, under The Style of the Case™.

All content contained on or made available through the FLR is not intended to and does not constitute legal advice nor is anything submitted to the FLR treated as confidential. For more information contact us at


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